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Bahadurgarh Fort

The region is located outside Delhi and is about 29 km from Delhi. Founded by Rathi Jats, Bahadurgarh was formerly known as Sharafabad, Presently, the region has developed into an important industrial area.

Innumerable industries located here provide employment to people residing in and around this area. This place mainly abides various small scale industries producing small machines and machine parts. People lead a simple life here with little scope for pomp and luxuries.

Situated on Delhi-Rohtak Road, Bahadurgarh today houses several educational institutes which are offering professional degree and diploma programs to their students. Since people have recognized the importance of education, a large number of schools have come up here.

  • Bahadurgarh is 29 km. (approx.) from Delhi.
Areas Under Bahadurgarh
  • Kondli
  • Sonepat

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